So What Are Ambassadors?

Oct 23, 2018

I moved around a fair amount growing up. The longest I lived in one house is five years. Since graduating college, I haven’t lived in any city for more than two years. No matter where I lived, though, I felt at home and found friends within the Jewish community. In high school it was youth group. In college it was Hillel. Then I began my pursuit of a career in Jewish communal services and worked for a Jewish organization in Jackson, Mississippi before attending graduate school for Jewish education and Jewish nonprofit management. I feel very lucky that I had each of these institutions to help me feel welcome in a new city and environment. It can be scary and lonely to move to a city and not know anyone, which is why I’m thrilled that in my role at the Jewish Federation, I work with a team of ambassadors who serve as that welcoming committee for Jewish young adults here in Cincinnati.

In the last few months, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with people who are brand new to Cincinnati, Cincinnati natives, returners, and transplants who have been here a little longer. There is at least one person in each of these groups who is (still) looking to meaningfully connect with this community, and we want to help each of them…each of you. That’s why you don’t have to be new to Cincinnati to connect with an ambassador. Ambassadors are here for everyone!

Missy, this is all great, but I still don’t really understand what an ambassador DOES.
That’s perfectly understandable. Let me break it down.

Each ambassador is a young adult who is involved in the Cincinnati Jewish community. They are involved in different organizations and with different groups of people, they live in different parts of town, and they are at different stages of life; in addition to that, they all have unique personal interests. Ambassadors greet Cincinnati newcomers and interested Cincinnatians at events, via Cincinnati Vine and through personal introductions, and help orient them to the city and connect them to the Jewish community. The ambassadors’ extensive networks can connect you to cool dance exercise classes (Andrea), Jewish mommy and me classes (Ami), or the best place to tailgate before a Bengals game (Michael). And the list goes on! They are such a wealth of information, and I sincerely hope you connect with them. You’ll be glad you did!

As I mentioned, each ambassador has interests about which they are knowledgeable and passionate. These interests are connected to groups that they manage on Cincy Vine. When you follow any of these groups, you’ll receive email notifications about something shared in that group, a meet-up, or post related to your interests. There is also a list of events that might be of particular interest to you. Follow the groups!

You can message ambassadors here on Cincy Vine and start getting connected to the Jewish community, expand your circle, and get involved with other Jewish young adults who share your interests. Go do it. Right now.

Missy Goldstein is the Maurice and Esther Becker Networking and Mentoring Coordinator and the Young Adult Division (YAD) Engagement Officer. She joined the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati in June 2018 and is excited to be part of the YAD team. Missy connects Cincinnati Jews with one another, partners with other Jewish agencies to create community among Cincinnati Jewish young adults, and works to create a positive conversation about the greater Cincinnati community, primarily via social media. Missy also helps manage Cincinnati Vine and coordinates the blog/news that you will see posted here. In her spare time Missy enjoys exploring Cincinnati restaurants that she finds on Instagram (recommendations welcome), expanding her baking and cooking repertoire, and running to get to know her neighborhood better (shout out, East Walnut Hills). If you are new to Cincinnati or looking to get involved, please reach out to Missy here on Cincinnati Vine or via email at



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