Move to Cincinnati, Play Softball, Join a Board: the Leon Seserman Story

Leon and his LEAD class on the Jewish Cincinnati Tour

I’m a transplant to Cincinnati. Born and raised in Denver, I moved to Cincinnati in the summer of 2015, immediately following my graduation from Miami University, to start my career with PNC Bank.  As a new resident of Cincinnati, it took me a few months to learn the geography and get to know my new surroundings; yes, I missed the mountains and skiing!  My first impression of the Cincinnati Jewish community was that it reminded me of the community I was once a part of in Denver; a community that has always been very accessible, inviting, and an integral part of my life. Cincinnati’s community impressed me with all the different ways I could get involved, how close-knit the community is, and how welcoming everyone was.


My first introduction to the Jewish community was through one of my good friends, who grew up in Cincinnati. His family included me in their Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur activities, inviting me to join them for services and meals, which inspired me to become involved in the hospitable Cincinnati Jewish community. I now sought to become a part of a community outside of my day job. My friend played in the Jewish Community Men’s Softball League and told me stories about the league and the comradery that was felt throughout the season. I thought that this would be a great way to get involved and meet other Jewish guys my age. Last year, I joined the league and have enjoyed the competition, the collegiality and, generally, the good-natured humor and history of the league. The softball league is a great way to socially network within the community, and participating in it led me to want to do more in and for the community.


Leon in his first year of softball league play


I feel lucky to work for a company that supports the local community and encourages individuals to do the same. I was inspired by my company’s charge and wanted to find a way to take the next step to become personally involved in the Jewish community when I was approached by a member of the Federation to join the LEAD program. During the program I was introduced to several lay leaders of the community and exposed to a variety of non-profits that play a key role in strengthening and supporting the Cincinnati Jewish community. The experience deepened my understanding of the community and motivated me to give back to my new home.


After graduating from LEAD in May of 2018, I was invited to join the JVS Career Services board. I was initially attracted to JVSCS’s mission to connect employees and employers in order to strengthen Cincinnati. As a board member of JVS Career Services, one of my responsibilities is to attend meetings where we assess the financial well-being of the operations and review the day-to-day functions of the organization to ensure JVSCS can continue its important work. The JVS Career Services board is comprised of individuals who span stages of their careers and industries in which they work. I have been able to directly contribute to JVSCS not only financially but, more importantly, to pursue the mission of “delivering meaningful employment opportunities for all in Cincinnati” by connecting individuals within the community to JVSCS.


JVS Annual Meeting 2018


As a young professional on the board, I benefit from the expertise of more experienced board members, personally and professionally, and I provide a unique perspective to the group. I am frequently asked for my viewpoint on scenarios and how those scenarios relate to me and my peers. One of my favorite ways to incorporate myself within JVSCS is to meet with individuals, listen to their stories, and see if I can provide them with any insight or guidance.


Serving on the JVSCS board has deepened my understanding of how to run a successful organization, and developed my social capital. I’m learning from my peers, interacting with more community members, having direct impact on a meaningful cause, and, most important, impacting the future of the Cincinnati Jewish community. It inspires me and keeps me motivated to put my best foot forward. If the opportunity to serve on a non-profit board arises for you in the future, I would highly suggest you do it!


  Leon Seserman works as a Relationship Manager for PNC Bank and maintains a portfolio of clients in the Cincinnati Commercial Banking Group. Leon provides ideas and insights to clients and prospective clients based on their needs and their financial well-being. Leon focuses on offering creative solutions to clients through products including: Credit, Treasury Management, Capital Markets, Equipment Finance, Asset Management, Employee Benefit Products, and more. Leon joined PNC bank in 2015 through the Accel Development Program, after graduating from Miami University of Ohio with a degree in Finance. After completing the Accel Program, Leon served as a Financial Specialist focusing on investment planning before moving into the role of Associate Relationship Manager on the Cincinnati Commercial Banking team. Leon enjoys volunteering in the community, particularly through his work on the board of JVS Career Services of Cincinnati.  Leon is a native of Denver, Colorado, and is an avid skier, hockey player, and lifelong Denver Broncos and Colorado Avalanche Fan.

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