We are the Kleymeyers, Sarah and Josh!

Our story begins innocently enough at a youth group leadership retreat in Fall of 2003. Fast forward, through high school dances, two Bachelors of Fine Arts from Ohio University, several Cincinnati area relocations, numerous jobs, a rockin’ wedding in 2012, one Masters of Art in Education from Northern Kentucky University, lots of ultimate Frisbee games, a few half marathons, purchasing our first home, AND we land at present day!

We live in beautiful Mt. Washington with our bearded dragon Laylah. We like adventures, from trying new recipes at home to meeting new friends. In our free time we love hiking and camping, taking short trips to explore the Midwest, and casual patio sitting with loved ones.

As Cincinnati natives, we have some fierce pride for our Queen City! The food, the mid-west culture, and particularly, the Cincinnati sports; including our third year cheering on Football Club Cincinnati (FCC) as season ticket holders. We love spending summer nights supporting the Reds and most fall Sundays you can bet your bottom dollar we are watching the Bengals game from the couch while napping.

We both have grown up in the Cincinnati Jewish Community and are so pleased to be giving back to our community as part of the Ambassador team.



Where did you grow up?

We’re both Cincinnati-area natives. Josh grew up in Park Hills, Kentucky and Sarah in Evendale, Ohio.

What does community mean to you?

To us, community easily summarized means people whom you connect with. The folks who care deeply despite the differences, who support you and your passions/interests, and whom pick up the phone just to say, “I saw something that made me think of you today!”

Sometimes community lives just a few homes away, or it can be far flung and requires flights for yearly visits. But relationships you can pick right back up, despite the busyness of life or distance apart, are the ones we value most. That’s how we define our Tribe!

When the tribe gathers…

We eat and kibbitz! Preferably somewhere outside, on a patio or around a bonfire.  

Travel bucket list.

Josh: Ireland, hands down. And backpacking around Europe.

Sarah: I love being in nature so I aspire to adventure through every single national park within my lifetime. Also, to scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef before it’s completely gone.

The world could use a little more...

Josh: Compassion and patience.

Sarah: Kindness and awareness of others.

Best concert you’ve been to.

Josh: 2014 Bruce Springsteen’s High Hopes tour in Columbus. My family is huge Springsteen fans, and we saw him all together with our spouses. Checked off on the bucket list!

Sarah: For my first ever concert my mom surprised me for Hanuakkah to see Ricky Martin. My 11-year old self swooned!

Favorite season, and why.

Both: FALL! We both love fall so much, when we became engaged it was a no-brainer that our wedding would take place in fall (October 2012). For Josh, it’s about the excitement of the season; caramel apples, decorating for Halloween, crisp air, and bonfires. Sarah loves to changing of the colors, the cooler temperatures for camping, and the smells of autumn.

It’s a hot summer day, what’s your drink of choice.

Josh: A nice summer beer, either a citrusy IPA, wheat beer, or a sour. I love drinking, brewing, and talking about beer!

Sarah: Homemade unsweetened decaf ice tea, please!


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