Are you new to Cincinnati or don't know where to spend the High Holidays? Below is a guide to Cincinnati's wonderful, welcoming congregations. Each has a page with information about the community and when they will have services for each of the High Holidays, usually with a link to their website's High Holiday page. Please don't hesitate to contact the person listed at the bottom of each page if you have any additional questions about that particular synagogue or community. There are also many programs this year happening before and after the holidays, so be sure to mark your calendar for all of the festivities!


This year, many congregations and organizations are hosting meals before or after services throughout the holidays. If you don't already have somewhere ot share a holiday meal, please reach out to one of these communities! If you have any additional questions about any information in this guide, please contact Missy Goldstein Gleisser at We can't wait to match you up with some new friends and help Cincinnati start to feel like home.

Click the attachment below to open the PDF with the guide (complete with links)!

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