Passover is just around the corner and it's probably not going to look like any Passover than any of us have had before. We wanted to help you out with some resources to help bring you and your families and friends together for a once-in-lifetime (let's hope it's only once!) Passover experience.

Let's get started with a few tips and Passover basics:

  • Want to know more about Passover? Always just attended seder and not really sure where to start? Want to learn more about this really cool holiday that is one of the most celebrated by Jews around the world? Check out 18 Doors Passover page. They're an organization that primarily provides resources for interfaith families, so it breaks down everything and "delivers knowledge and connection to help you...[do] Jewish in a non-judmental way." And that's why their resources rock and are incredible accessible. They have recipes, basics about the seder, song parodies, and so much more! 
  • Are you having young kids at your seder? has you covered with some tips and tricks to keep them engaged throughout the night. Although, by now I'm sure you've figured out a lot about what does and does not work with your kids during an educational experience (homeschool, anyone?). 

So you know about Passover and you're ready to start thinking about how to connect your family and friends who are all staying the f**k home and obeying social distancing- awesome! You probably need a Haggadah, and ideally one that everyone can get, use and easily follow along with. Here are a bunch of different Haggadah options that are available online:

  • JewBelong makes Judaism accessible and explains all of the big and small parts of the seder. They're careful to make sure that nobody suffers from Jewbarrassment (yes, that's their word- not mine). You might also have seen their kugel/kegel ads that have the bubbes all abuzz. They have an easy, printable Haggadah that you and all of your friends and family can print at home (or have printed and shipped for I'm sure a minimal amount...or could probably just have it on a tablet or computer), in addition to other great resources, like a drinking game. 
  • Our friends at JewishBoston created a contemporary and beautifully designed downloadable Haggadah. You just need to put in your address and zip code (and no, it doesn't need to be a Boston zip code- I tested it), and you'll get it in your mailbox. You can do it once and send the download to everyone, or you can have each person download it separately. It starts with some information and tips for getting everything set up (including optional modern seder additions) and then gets into the Haggadah. On every few pages there are questions that you can discuss that relate our modern lives to the traditions of the Passover seder.
  • Moishe House International has a great Haggadah that they developed, which is simple and easy to follow. Includes all of the blessings and parts of the seder, explanations, and some additional readings. They also have a google drive with a few additional resources that you might find helpful or interesting.  
  • There's also the option to create your own Haggadah. You can pick starting with a liberal or traditional template and then add clips and readings from there. OR you can browse Haggadot that other people have already made and seems interesting to you, and send the link out to family and friends. Watch this video that made about their site and why you might want to check them out:
  • AND we've added an attachment at the bottom of this post, sharing a thoughful Four Children in the times of COVID-19


Of course, you can always order Haggadot online. For whatever reason, it looks like a lot of haggadot aren't shipping in time for Passover, even though it's still over a week away. So if you go with another option, double and triple check the day that it's supposed to 

This is the haggadah that I grew up using, so I have a nostalgic connection to it. It's also inexpensive and available on Amazon Prime, so it'll definitely get to you before Passover. It also looks like there's a kindle version,  if that's your jam.

Here's a family haggadah from our friends at Kveller that you can get on kindle. Unfortunately, the hard copy version won't get to you on time.

Did you not buy a seder plate because your parents, grandparents, friend's parents, etc. have one? No problem, we've got that covered too!

Worried you'll break a seder plate, don't think you'll need one next year, or don't want to deal with the clean up? Great! Here are some disposable seder plates that you can also use as your dishes for seder.

Here's something that's still pretty basic, but a little nicer and reuseable seder plate

We also encourage you to support etsy shops and artists, who we think might be hurting during these times: 

Finally, here are some great resources from some sites that we love:


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