Profile: Rotem Greniman Jewish Life, Food & Drink Ambassador

Rotem Ohayan Greniman is a sabra - that’s hebrew for Israeli born and bred. She and her husband, Erez moved to Cincinnati in 2006, and are raising four children here: Leah (11), Noam (9), Nittai (6), and Ben (2). They are Rockwern rockstars. Rotem loves to get involved in the Cincinnati Jewish Community. She’s on the YAD board, president of the PTO, and works with JNF. Erez is an engineer, soccer coach, and awesome dad.




What’s your favorite place in Cincinnati? And why?

I know it sounds silly but Sharon Woods. It is amazing from season to season - how the view changes. And we particularly love to hike in the woods as a family.


Two truths and a lie. (Lie at bottom).

I went to school for physical education.

I was born in Kazakhstan, but my family moved to Israel immediately and that is where i was raised.

I have been to 30 of the 50 states in America.


Spirit animal.

Lioness - We are living in America with no immediate Israeli family here, so I’m very protective of my kids and love them very much:)


It’s a hot summer day, what’s your drink of choice.

Beer… but can i go stronger?


Moscow Mule, it’s my favorite drink.


Last meal.

Filet Mignon done medium-well with asparagus. MmmHmm.


Falafel or Schwarma?



Favorite Jewish holiday? Why?

Passover. I like it because it is the beginning of the spring. I clean everyhing. Make everything fresh. It is the beginning of something. The cleaning of the and cooking of the holiday make me happy. I love to sing all the songs with my kids, nothing is better than that. All in hebrew. I’m moroccan, my husband is ashkenazi, so we do both songs in both rhythms.


Travel bucket list.

Thailand without kids - this will never happen, more likely Hawaii with kids.


What does community mean to you?

For me, it’s like a family. Without the jewish community, without Rockwern, I would never be happy here. All of my friends are from the Jewish community. From the beginning they made me feel like I belong here, with advice, showed me the right way. In Israel, volunteering is not big. In America, Jewish life really revolves around volunteering. When I realized that here in America I knew that my family and my kids needed to volunteer to keep our community strong. Cincinnati is a great place for Jewish community. The more you give the more you get!


The world could use a little more...

Patience and respect with each other. That said, Cincinnati is little too patient.


Lie: I was not born in Kazakhstan, silly!


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