Stu Solomon is a lifelong Cincinnatian and one who truly loves his hometown. In 2016 he was lucky to marry his love, Kate. They had a baby boy Jack last year.

Stu is the Executive Director at Senior Lifestyle Corporation. You can often find him at the JCC playing in one of the sports leagues or working out. He is the Sports & Recreation Ambassador, so if you're looking for a pickup game, or just to get to know a good guy in the city, he's your man.



You know you’re from / live in Cincinnati when….

You know somebody who knows somebody.


What’s your favorite place in cincinnati? And why?

I like everything in Cincinnati. I just like being here. It’s interesting when your life changes. Now I really like being with my family and other young families.


What’s your favorite thing to do in cincinnati?

Whatever my wife lets me do.


Two truths and a lie. (Find the lie at the end of profile)

I have webbed toes. It’s why I’m a phenomenal swimmer.

I have a doctorate.

I’m undefeated in breakouts/escape rooms.


Best concert you’ve been to.

Radiohead. It was awesome, really sweet.

I saw Mumford & Sons they were really good too.

Another really good concert was Jurassic 5.


Favorite season, and why.

Fall, because I don’t sweat as much.


Spirit animal?

Bijon Friza


Drink of choice?

Apple Juice


Matzoball or kugel?

Kugel for sure. But savory kugel not sweet kugel. I’m a savory guy, not sweet.


Sufganiyot or latke?

Latke. Again, I’m a savory guy.


Favorite Jewish holiday?

The Yom Kippur break fast - I know it's not really a holiday, but I really like the break fast food, though I generally don’t even fast.


Travel bucket list.

My travel bucket list is extensive. It starts with Croatia, Maldives, Vietname, Fiji, and the National Parks out west. Ultimately I’d love to go to all 50 states. I’ve been to Hawaii already so that’s one big one off the bucket list.


Bar Mitzvah Theme.

Campbell’s Soup - part of my bar mitzvah project was to donate hundreds of soup cans collected before the date of my bar mitzvah. As a part of it, I also served in the soup kictchen.


What does community mean to you?

I don’t really know how to describe that. When people ask me if I’m religious, I say I am not. But I certainly think of myself as a part of the community. I really like the instant comraderie and the connection. The Jewish community for me is similar to what I liked in AEPi - there was something we already knew about each other.


What does an ideal day look like to you?

Doing something. I like to do things. When people say they want to just relax, sit on the beach. I say no - I can’t do that. I just like doing things. Even if it's only taking a walk. I’m an activities guy. I’m the sports and rec guy.


The world could use a little more..



A piece of advice you would give 13 year old you?

Everyone liked me so it didn’t matter. I can’t relate to people who need advice.


Lie: I am not a doctor, but I do give good advice;)


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