Andrea, born and raised in Cincinnati, is that Cincinnati YP that everyone seems to know. She is an avid cyclist, skier, kayaker, and a hot yoga enthusiast. During her free time she loves taking advantage of all of the theater and fine arts that Cincinnati has to offer, checking out bourbon and wine bars, and tasting her way through Cincinnati's newest restaurants. Andrea recently finished her MBA in Private Interest and the Public Good from Xavier University, works in HR, and is involved in numerous Cincinnati nonprofit organizations.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Cincinnati?

I love walking outside of my apartment on Sundays in the summer to find the Hyde Park Farmers market. Grab a cup of coffee, a book, and a spot on one of the benches and enjoy the music, running into friends, and playing with all the adorable puppies!


Two truths and a lie.

I was in a movie about the Holocaust

I have been bitten by a baby shark

I wrote and published my own novel


Best concert you’ve been to.

Walk the Moon back when they were just college friends playing at the local bar at Kenyon. I love more intimate concert settings.


Spirit animal.

Koala. I’m great at taking naps!


Drink of choice.

Bourbon. Neat. Bonus point if it comes in a flight!

I’m also highly addicted to soda water and can almost always be found with a soda stream bottle in hand.


Last supper/favorite meal/dish.

Inordinate amounts of sushi. Luckily, I live in a mile radius of at least 12 sushi restaurants!


Bagels with LOX or TUNAFISH?

Lox. With an egg on top.


You, a rabbi, and your financial advisor walk into a bar what happens next.

I end up on yet another non-profit board.


Travel bucket list.

Everywhere! Just checked off Poland, Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania this year. Next up, Italy for my 30th birthday (I’m a huge art-history nerd), and an elephant sanctuary in Thailand ASAP to play with baby elephants!

This is basically my life goal:


Strongest childhood memory.

Summer camp! Canoeing, arts and crafts, climbing, cookouts, bonfires, water skiing, color wars...


What does an ideal day look like to you?

Anything in a foreign country! And if you can magically get all of my friends there for an evening bonfire with s'mores, even better.


What defines Jewish culture for you?

Bagels and lox, Yiddish words, and automatically having an invitation for Shabbat no matter what city or country you are in simply because you are Jewish.


The world could use a little more...



What’s one thing you know now about being Jewish/Jewish community that you wish you knew sooner?

I was shocked to find out that Jews were not the majority of the American population!


A piece of advice you would give 13 year old you?

Don’t worry; being an adult is way more fun!


Best book/movie/tv show you’ve recently read or watched.

Just finished watching Parks and Rec with my brother as a long-distance sibling bonding activity. Hands down one of our favorite shows.


Lie: I wrote and published my own novel (this is not true)

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