When I lived in Jackson, Mississippi the country radio station that I listened to introduced a new morning show, broadcasting from Nashville. Little did I know that The Bobby Bones Show would become a staple in my life. Bobby, along with his cohosts and friends Amy and Lunchbox, share their lives, the good and the bad, and work to start every listener’s day on a positive note. My husband constantly feels the need to remind me that I don’t know these people in real life and Bobby, Amy, and the whole crew are not my friends. But that’s how they make me feel, like I’m part of the group. When the show starts with “good morning to everyone in the studio,” I also yell back “good morning!” Even if it’s 3pm.

This show is how I start almost every weekday, from when I lived in Mississippi to running the hills of Jerusalem training for a 10k, from driving through LA traffic to walking the track on my lunch break. It’s my constant. It connects me to friends who live far away and reminds me to find the good in every day, a thing I sometimes struggle with in this cold, Cincinnati winter. As we get deeper into the year, and work to maintain resolutions, there is one thing the show has taught me that I strive to remember every day: choose joy.

Rocking my Pimpin Joy sweatshirt while wedding dress shopping

The show even has a whole movement dedicated to choosing joy, which came out of the cancer battle of Amy’s mom. This movement is called #PIMPINJOY.

#PIMPINJOY is a movement, a celebration dedicated to people who may be going through a rough time...but they choose to find and spread joy in their daily lives. The movement started with Amy's mom, Judy, and the positive #PIMPINJOY message she modeled so beautifully as she battled cancer. Will you choose joy for yourself? Then spread that joy to others?

The Shop Forward, the company that creates all of the #PIMPINOY and choose joy apparel (and decals and bags and hats), has created a community of those dedicated to finding what you love and choosing it every day. They make these “4 Things Totes” where people add their 4 favorite things to a tote bag, and now Amy from The Bobby Bones Shows has a 4 things podcast. 4 is such a manageable number. 4 things to do today. 4 intentions for the new year. 4 small goals to accomplish that will make you feel infinitely better. 4 moments of joy or happiness in your week. 4 ways you’re going to connect to your community in 2019. 4 new things you’re going try.

How are you going to choose joy this year? What can you do to spread joy and be #pimpinjoy? What are your 4 things?

The Shop Forward also does work to help the victims of hatred across our country. The proceeds from their love>hate items have gone to the victims of shootings, including the victims and families of the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh.

 Missy Goldstein Gleisser is a transplant to Cincinnati and comes, most recently, from Los Angeles, California,  where she attended Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion and earned two masters degrees. Some of the other highlights of places she’s lived include Milwaukee, WI, Jacksonville, FL, Jackson, MS, and Jerusalem. Missy serves this community as the YAD engagement officer, as part of the Esther and Maurice Becker Networking and Mentoring Center. She loves working to create an engaged and vibrant young adult community in Jewish Cincinnati, by connecting young adults with each other and opportunities in the community. In her spare time, Missy enjoys baking cookies and watching Drunk History with her husband, Rob. If getting (more) involved in the Jewish young adult community is a way that you're choosing joy, please email Missy at mgoldsteingleisser@jfedcin.org for different ways to get involved and connected.

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